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    Camp Carfest

    What’s the contact number for Team CarFest & SEE Tickets?

    Unfortunately, due to the recent circumstances, neither phone lines for Team CarFest or the SEE Tickets team are open. If you’d like to reach our teams please contact us via email and they will get back to you as soon as they possibly can:

    General Enquiries:
    Ticket Enquiries:
    SEE Tickets Enquiries:

    What’s your festival policy?

    Please observe our festival policy below:

    Please do NOT bring any of the following onto any part of the Camp CarFest Site, including car parks and campsites:

    • gazebos
    • windbreakers
    • glass bottles
    • disposable BBQs
    • open fires
    • Chinese lanterns
    •  illegal substances of any kind
    • any pet animals or birds

    Note: The only animals allowed on site are Assistance Dogs.

    Please do NOT bring any alcohol onto the festival site, a small quantity may be brought into the campsites.
    We reserve the right to refuse admission or to evict any person from Camp CarFest for
    drunkenness, unruly behaviour or for breaking any of these conditions.

    No under 18s will be admitted without a responsible adult.

    Items restricted from the marked standing area in front of the main stage include chairs, trolleys, gazebos, laysacs, windbreakers and tents.

    We will be taking photographs and filming this event.  By entering the event you consent to your image being used in any future CarFest and Camp CarFest promotion.  If you do not wish your image to be used please go the Organisers Office or speak to the photographer/camera team at the time.

    Drones are not permitted into the festival or campsites. It is a criminal offence to fly drones overpopulated areas such as festivals. To commit such an offence is punishable and can lead to a 5-year prison sentence and or unlimited fine. Any drones and the pilots thereof, found flying will have equipment confiscated and the authorities informed for further action. Your cooperation and support with this is appreciated.

    We’re sorry if any of your personal property is lost or damaged whilst at Camp CarFest. Neither the organisers, venue owner or Charity Partners can be held responsible.

    Motorsport can be dangerous. Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these you are present at your own risk.

    Camp CarFest is held on agricultural land. The organisers and the venue owner would like to remind you that the paths and grounds within the event and camping areas may be uneven.

    Whilst every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure your safety at all times visitors are requested to take care, especially after dark or in muddy or wet conditions.

    Neither the organisers nor venue owner can accept responsibility for injury as a result of ground conditions however sustained whilst on these premises.

    How much money goes to charity?

    CarFest 2019 raised £2.5 million for BBC Children in Need and our other partner charities - Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust, Rainbow Trust, Starlight Children's Foundation, Teenage Cancer Trust and projects associated with The Sun's 'Who Cares Wins' campaign.

    Since CarFest started in 2012, we’ve raised a total of £16 million for BBC Children in Need and other UK Children's Charities. Amazing!

    In 2021, all profits from Camp CarFest, including a guaranteed 20% of the price of each ticket, will be donated to UK Children’s Charities.

    For full details of our 2021 charity partners, click here.

    Is the event suitable for young children?

    Many young children have enjoyed CarFest - some of them enjoying live music for the first time on the shoulders of their parents, which is a great sight to behold. However, there are some precautions you may wish to take to ensure that it is an enjoyable experience for you

    The Track Show may feature Formula 1 and other cars which are very loud. If you are intent on watching these from close quarters, we would recommend using ear protection on children for their own comfort.  Likewise it is not recommended that young children get too close to the sound systems for the main stage. Ear defenders are available for young children from the Organisers Office or by speaking to the Main Stage staff.

    The music on each evening will go on until 10pm or 11pm. You should use your judgement and knowledge of your children to determine whether they, and therefore you, will find this enjoyable or not.

    Are dogs/pets allowed at Camp CarFest?

    No, we don’t allow dogs or pets of any form on the CarFest site due to safety and hygiene reasons. Only Personal Assistance dogs are allowed at Camp CarFest and proof of personal assistance must be brought/provided upon entry to the Camp CarFest site.

    Can I volunteer at Camp CarFest?

    Volunteering is a great opportunity to work with the CarFest team and understand how the event operates. It’s also a great way to enjoy the festival and work alongside friends and family.

    If you would like to apply to be a volunteer for 2021 please complete the application form below.

    CarFest encourages applications from Deaf and disabled people. Assistance will be offered to those who wish to apply. 
    Please note, you must be over 18 years of age to apply.

    Volunteer Application Form

    What are the opening & closing times?

    THURSDAY:  Ticket holders who have purchased BIG EARLY Tickets can arrive on Thursday when the campsite entrance opens from 4pm until the campsite entrance closes at 8pm. If you do not have a ticket you cannot enter the site. (times subject to change)

    FRIDAY: Campers can arrive from 7am when the car park opens, with the campsite opening at 8am for campers to set up. Day visitors can arrive from 11am when the day visitor car park opens with the festival site opening at 12pm and closing at 10.30pm. 

    SATURDAY: Day visitors can arrive from 9am when the day visitor car park opens with the festival site opening at 10am and closing at 11pm. 

    SUNDAY; Day visitors can arrive from 9am when the day visitor car park opens with the festival site opening at 10am and closing at 10:30pm. 

    MONDAY; Campers may camp on Sunday evening and are asked to leave the site by 11am on Monday.

    *All times are subject to change, final times will be emailed to all ticket holders closer to the festival

    Are there medical facilities in the campsite?

    Anyone with a medical problem in the campsite should go to the First Aid Point located by the Campsite Management Tent. If you need medical assistance whilst on the festival site, the First Aid Point is located next to the Organiser's Office. In an emergency you should contact a security guard or steward who can contact First Aid by radio.

    ATM Machines

    There are ATM machines at Camp CarFest, these will be located near the main festival bars.

    Smoking Policy

    Smoking is not allowed in any of the marquees or structures. Smoking will also not be allowed around any cars.  Visitors who wish to smoke are asked to respect others by refraining from smoking in busy areas, around children or around food.

    Lost Property

    Any enquiries about lost property should be made at the Organiser's Office. We endeavour to reunite all lost property with its owners after the festival, so please email with details of the item lost once you return home from the festival.

    Are we allowed to bring picnics, blankets & chairs?

    We allow picnics, soft drinks, blankets and folding chairs to be brought in and set up beyond the marked out ‘standing only’ area – please note, our policy is one chair per person and these chairs must be foldable. We do not allow gazebos, laysacs, windbreakers or tents. Structures like these block the view of the stage for other CarFesters, so please be considerate of your fellow CarFesters when setting up your area for the evening and don’t take up too much space!

    Our campsite rules


    • Only tents can be pitched in the general campsite (no trailer tents permitted)
    • No gazebos, or windbreakers are to be pitched in the campsite
    • Open fires, BBQs and disposable BBQs are not permitted
    • Generators are not permitted
    • Please use bins provided
    • Keep fire lanes clear
    • Empty toilet waste into tanks provided, not toilet units
    • Caravans and Campervans should bring sufficient gas bottles in the fitted cylinders on the vehicle only.  No spare bottles should be brought on site
    • Only purpose built gas stoves with small gas bottles (2.2kg) are permitted, no spare bottles to be brought
    • There will be no vehicle movements on the campsite over the weekend
    • No sound systems will be permitted on site
    • Space will be allocated on a first come, first served basis
    • Sleeping in cars overnight is not permitted
    • In the event of needing assistance, medical or otherwise, please contact any steward or member of campsite staff who can radio for assistance
    • Strictly no fire/Chinese lanterns on site
    • Strictly no fireworks on site
    •  No water source should be deemed drinking water unless specifically labelled as such
    • No glass onsite (including alcohol bottles)
    • In the event of needing assistance, medical or otherwise, please contact any steward or member of campsite staff who can radio for assistance
    • Please remain vigilant to fire safety in order to help keep yourselves and other festival goers safe
    • No pet animals or birds, with the exception of assistance dogs, are allowed in the campsite or the festival site

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    When can campers arrive?

    You can arrive to pitch your tent from 7am on Friday or Saturday. The Festival site opens at 12pm on Friday and 10am on Saturday.

    If you have a BIG EARLY Ticket, you can arrive from 4pm until 8pm on Thursday.

    *Please note that all times are subject to change. Final details and timings will be sent out with your tickets, emailed to you and will also be updated on this page.

    Can I pitch a tent in the Green Campervan/Caravan or in the CAMC Campsites?

    GREEN and CAMC Permits allow the use of caravans, campervans and trailer-tents. Standard ground-based tents CANNOT be pitched in these campsites due to Health and Safety reasons.

    If you are putting up an awning please consider that they must be contained at least 50cm within your pitch as there needs to be a clear and uninterrupted gap between your pitch and the start of your neighbours.

    How long can I camp at CarFest?

    If you have a WEEKEND + STANDARD CAMPING Ticket, your tickets include Friday, Saturday and Sunday night camping, should you wish to spend the whole weekend with us.  If you have a WEEKEND + STANDARD CAMPING + BIG EARLY Ticket, you can also camp on Thursday night. Catering and toilet facilities will remain open until Monday morning. 

    The campsite is open from 4pm on Thursday (for those with BIG EARLY Tickets) or 7am on Friday morning (for those with WEEKEND + STANDARD CAMPING Tickets) until 11am on Monday morning.

    *Please note that all times are subject to change. Final details and timings will be sent out with your tickets and will also be updated on this page.

    What size are the camping pitches?

    In order to maintain a Covid-compliant site, we will be assigning and marking out pitch sites. These will allow for social distancing to be maintained.

    Please note we do not allow gazebos or windbreakers to be pitched in the campsites as we have limited space to comfortably fit everyone into. 

    Please don't try to reserve space for others, if you wish to camp with others please meet in the car park and enter the camp site together.

    Those with either GREEN Caravan/Campervan Permit will be allocated 9m x 6m pitches.

    Those with a CAMC Caravan/Campervan Permit will be allocated a 9m x 9m pitch.

    Specific plots will be allocated upon arrival. We would ask guests to please respect the allocated pitch, although of course we understand there may be instances where vehicles exceed these dimensions slightly.

    Are campervans, caravans and trailer-tents allowed?

    Visitors must have purchased a GREEN or CAMC Caravan/Campervan Permit to be allowed to camp at CarFest with their sleep in vehicle.* For details of how to purchase a permit for 2021 please click HERE. 

    *Please note that there is NO vehicular access within the main Camp CarFest campsite; cars must be parked in the campsite car park and all items carried in. This means that caravans, campervans and trailer-tents are not permitted. Only the GREEN and CAMC Campervan/Caravan campsites can be driven into

    Boutique Camping Options

    If you're looking for an extra special treat, then take your pick from our Boutique and Readymade options through our partners HOTEL BELL TENT and TANGERINE FIELDS. Blending the magic and romance of sleeping under canvas with special touches you might find in a boutique hotel, camping never sounded so chic! Follow the links below for full details.

    Tangerine Fields
    Hotel Bell Tent

    Hire a carriage
    If your kids get tired you can take them around CarFest in style - book an Airs & Graces Carriage below. They are a life saver! Further details to be updated soon.

    Is CarFest accessible for the disabled?

    For full details on disabled access please visit our Accessibility Page.

    Accessibility Page

    Can I park at CarFest?

    Car parking is available to all festival ticket-holders. The parking areas are located within the festival site and are professionally managed. There is also 24 hour security on-site, which includes regular patrols of the parking areas. All types of vehicles are permitted in the parking areas, including motorbikes and live-in vehicles, although it is not permitted to sleep in live-in vehicles in the parking areas.

    Please note that there is NO vehicular access within the main CarFest campsite; cars must be parked in the campsite car park and all items carried in. Only the GREEN and CAMC ORANGE Campervan/Caravan campsites can be driven into. All cars/tow vehicles in GREEN and CAMC ORANGE cannot be parked in the allocated pitch and will be directed to a car park area in an adjacent field after unloading.

    Parking passes are free with your CarFest order.

    Can I bring my bike to CarFest?

    There are no specific cycle-parking facilities, although there will be fencing to which you may secure your bike. We are unable to take responsibility for cycles secured in this way. Please note, bicycles are not permitted on the festival ground.

    ticket Enquiries

    I have tickets for CarFest 2020, are they valid for Camp CarFest 2021?

    All ticket holders for CarFest 2020 will have had their CarFest tickets automatically rolled over to Camp CarFest 2021, unless we heard otherwise from them. All ticket information and booking details from SEE Tickets will remain the same for existing bookers.

    Will you be releasing more tickets next Spring?

    This will be very much dependant on government regulations and guidelines. As restrictions are lifted then we will release a further tranche of tickets. We will share any major updates via our website social media and newsletter – so please stay in touch.

    When is the next ticket sale date?

    Our next ticket sale date is taking place on Thursday 1st April at 8am To see what ticket types are available at Camp CarFest, follow the link below. 

    Ticket Page

    When will I receive my physical tickets?

    In order to maintain a Covid-compliant festival, we will not be sending out physical tickets for Camp CarFest this year] Your tickets will be sent to you via email, approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the festival.

    The ticket will be attached to your confirmation in the form of a PDF. Each ticket purchased will have its own page on the document, with its individual barcode.

    If you who lose your tickets, you can use the order tracker ( to log in and from there you can download your tickets. To log into the order tracker you simply need to enter just your order reference number and either postcode, telephone number or last 4 digits of the payment card used when booking.

    I’ve not received my ticket booking confirmation email?

    When booking your tickets online, you should shortly after receive a confirmation email from SEE Tickets. This email will show details of your order including: show, date, venue, number of tickets, and booking reference. Sometimes this email can land in your junk mailbox, so please check whether it has landed in there.

    If you haven’t received a confirmation email, have lost/deleted it, or you’re not sure whether or not your booking went through, you can get your order details resent to you. Please visit the customer services area ( and click on
    'I would like my confirmation email to be resent'.

    Can I get a refund/exchange my ticket?

    Please note we do not offer any refunds or exchanges on tickets. However, in these current challenging times if the event is cancelled (not rescheduled) directly as a result of Covid-19, we will refund all tickets.

    We also understand that circumstances change and there are many CarFest fans who might have other commitments and would like to swap their tickets with other visitors. In this instance, we recommend using our Social Networking sites - Twitter and Facebook - to link up with other fans looking to exchange/purchase tickets.

    Additional TicketPlan Cancellation Protection is available at the time of booking from SEE Tickets. CarFest tickets are non-refundable, however this will protect you against cancellation resulting from accidents and unexpected illnesses. Full details are included in the TicketPlan terms and conditions.*

    *Please note - TicketPlan is an external ticket protection provider. All claims must be handled with them directly.

    I need to amend my postal/email address

    Please email the SEE Tickets team with your booking reference number, your old address and your new address. They will then amend this on the system for you.

    Need more info?

    Get in touch with us