Dream Rides Advance Auction

Book an opportunity of a lifetime: your chance to wave at the CarFest crowds from the track in an incredible car!!

This year the team have gone all out for our 10th Birthday with 10 fantastic cars to choose from, one for every year of CarFest! From the latest in luxury Rolls Royce to the historic power of the Lola T70, and the “angry eyes” of The Beast Hot Rod! You’ll be driven on track followed by another 10 miles on the open road, these are the only cars that combine the track action with road rides.


Please note: To apply for a Dream Ride with Sporting Bears you must have a valid ticket to the CarFest event. Sporting Bears Dream Rides cars may be substituted if the vehicle is unable to run at the point of use.


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself in the passenger seat of your dream car, Sporting Bears offer you the chance to experience a thrilling 10 mile ride, as they drive you out on the roads around CarFest. There are also seats available for some of the stunning cars taking part in our live track show! Head over to the familiar Sporting Bears yellow truck on site and take part in the exciting auction.


The Sporting Bears is a car club with a heart – all the club members have pledged to use their wonderful classic, sports and performance cars to support children’s charities. To date at CarFest, Sporting Bears have raised £628,345 This year, Sporting Bears will be supporting each of our UK Children Charity partners; 50% of funds raised will go to BBC Children in Need, with the remaining funds split between our other Children’s Charity partners.

The Sporting Bears are all volunteers who provide their cars, fuel and time for free taking CarFesters out, with every penny going to charity.