The hugely popular StarFest stage expands to become a whole new Festival A gathering of the greatest stars from the worlds of TV, film, music, literature and comedy plus a glimpse of the stars of the future

This year, StarFest is more than just a stage… it’s a brand-new area, where you can meet the stars, walk the red carpet and even experience what it’s like to be in the director’s chair at our TV Film, Book and Comedy festival!


The StarFest Comedy Club

Stand up at its best… from up-and-coming new comedians to your favourite comedy legends!

The StarFest Bookstore

Where books come to life… a chance to meet the authors, listen to readings and read to your heart’s content.

StarFest Screenings

A chance to watch great movies, inspirational documentaries and some great TV shows!

Stars of the Future

Show us your talents on the future Star stage and join in our ambitious new show in a day production

Plus: Take a peek behind the scenes and visit the Green Room, Prop Store, Wardrobe and Hair and Makeup departments to feel like a real star!