CarFest is committed to making everyone’s experience an enjoyable one and provides the following for our disabled visitors to assist with ease of access throughout the festival. 

Please do consider that the festival is an outdoor event with grass fields and grounds with gradients/uneven surfaces, whilst we have made a great effort to provide facilities to accommodate for this there will inevitably be some areas that are hard to navigate.

We are proud to have been awarded a Bronze Award from Attitude is Everything. Attitude is Everything improves deaf and disabled people’s access to live music by working in partnership with audiences, artists and the music industry to implement a Charter of Best Practice across the UK.

Access Requirement Form


If you require assistance (free Personal Assistant/Essential Companion ticket) to attend Carfest, wish to camp in the Accessible Campsite or have any other requirements, please follow the process below:
  • Purchase a ticket
  • Obtain a ticket reference number
  • Send us your completed Access Requirement Form (only valid with a ticket reference number) with any supporting evidence to
  • We will endeavour to respond within 5 working days to confirm your requests
  • We will then send you a confirmation email, and further instructions


A photocopy/photo/scan of one of the following documents (a current award if DLA, PIP or Attendance Allowance).
  • A valid Access Card
  • Confirmation of the middle or high rate of the Care component of child DLA
  • Confirmation of the low or high rate of the Mobility component of child DLA
  • Confirmation of Attendance Allowance
  • Confirmation of the Standard or Enhanced rate of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Confirmation of being registered blind or partially sighted (copy of CVI – Certificate of Visual Impairment)
  • A personal letter of support from your hospital specialist (dated within the last two months)
Once agreed, a free personal assistant ticket of the same type already bought by you or an Accessible Campsite permit, will be added to your order. The tickets will then be posted to you one month before CarFest. If you do not require a free Personal Assistant/ Essential Companion ticket or Accessible Campsite permit, but you have other requirements, please purchase the appropriate number of tickets and also complete the Access Requirements form. Email your completed form and send evidence to:


For Accessible parking follow the general CarFest traffic signage on the main approach to the event. As you get closer to the event site there will be specific signage for Accessible parking and camping. There is no fee to park. Parking spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis and cannot be pre-booked. Blue Badge Permits will be required before entry into the car park. Parking spaces are restricted to one badge per car, any additional cars with friends and family members not holding a blue badge will need to park in the main festival car parks. Festival staff members will be on hand to guide you to the car parks and direct you onto your chosen campsite. Accessible Campsite Parking: Please note that cars will not be permitted to park next to your caravan or tent, they should be parked in the Accessible car park. However, you are welcome to drive into the Accessible campsite to unload and once unloaded you need to park in the car park which is adjacent to the campsite. If you’re coming on Public Transport - follow general signage and then you will find access specific signage as you get closer.


The team from Event Mobility Charitable Trust provide electric scooters and manual wheelchairs for the use of disabled, elderly and mobility impaired visitors to the show. To reserve an electric scooter or manual wheelchair you can book online at The Mobility Hire is situated in the Blue Badge day visitor car park at South and by the Main Entrance to the Arena at North.


Once approved, Access customers will be provided with a wristband giving them access to the viewing platforms and accessible toilets. A Personal Assistant/Essential Companion will be provided a different wristband also allowing access to the platforms when accompanying the disabled guest. Any friends and family who are camping with the disabled customer will also be wrist banded allowing them access to the accessible campsite. Day ticket holders can collect their wristbands from either of the viewing platforms (when they are operating) or from the Organisers Office in the main field. Campers will be provided with wristbands when they arrive on site.


To apply for an Accessible Campsite permit, you must first purchase a weekend camping ticket. Once you have your ticket reference number, please follow the Access Requirements process There are accessible toilets and accessible showers (RADAR key required) in the campsite. In addition to these facilities we also have a charging tent which has plug points available for those that need to charge power wheelchairs and scooters, a drinking water tap, a pot washing station and a fridge for storing medication and specialist food. There will also be standard facilities for non-disabled campers and it is politely requested that those campers not use the accessible facilities. Changing Places Unit/HDU can be (subject to request*) located in the accessible campsite. The unit includes a height-adjustable changing bench, a hoist and room for up to two PAs. This is designed for customers who need hoisting and extra care/support and should only be used where necessary. Slings cannot be provided so we advise customers to bring their own should they be required. This unit is RADAR key controlled, if you have a key please bring it with you. If not, one can be collected from the campsite managers office. *Please note, if you require the use of a HDU/Changing Places/Hoist, please ensure you indicate on the Access Requirements booking form. Please note that a maximum of 4 people (including yourself and your Personal Assistant) may camp. Due to limited space in the Accessible Campsite, we need to be strict on how much space each group is allocated. Therefore, space will be allocated based on individual requirements by our Accessibility Campsite Manager. All groups are asked to abide by this so that we can fit as many people in the campsite as possible.


Disabled are guests who are Blue Badge holders will not be charged for bringing a campervan or caravan. If anyone else in your party wants to bring a campervan or caravan, they must purchase the permit through See Tickets. You must let us know on the Access Requirements form if you are planning on bringing a campervan or caravan as space will be allocated.


If you wish to arrange a power hookup within the accessible campsite, we need to know in advance so the appropriate arrangements can be made with our power company. Power can be supplied free of charge for disabled guests who require electricity due to a proven medical need. Customers who turn up on the day without making arrangements may not be able to acquire a power hookup. Power hook-ups can be purchased by those not having a medical need through See Tickets to caravans and campervans only. Power to tents is strictly only supplied if there is a proven medical need.



In the arena itself we have several viewing platforms reserved for disabled people and their companion. At busy times when the viewing platform becomes full, we will stop allowing access to and operate a one in one out policy. Please do not reserve seats for long periods of time. Please be advised that scooters may not be permitted on the platforms as a form of seating. You will be able to drive your scooter onto the platform then transfer to a chair. This will allow more space to accommodate customers who need to use the area. Seating is provided for disabled guests at the viewing platforms but if you want to take advantage of having a wander round the event then it is advisable to bring a folding seat with you should you need to rest. For anyone joining the disabled guest on the platform we can provide one additional chair, no further chairs will be allocated as we need to keep these available for those guests that need to sit down, but you are welcome to bring your own.


These are within most toilet blocks around the site and additional accessible toilets at each viewing area and first aid tent. If you’re ever unsure of where the nearest one is please just ask the nearest steward or take a look on the festival map.


CarFest welcomes all Assistance Dogs which include Hearing Dogs, Canine Partners, Dogs for the Disabled and Guide Dogs.


The medical tent is located next to the Organisers Office. We welcome attendees who need to bring medicines, medical equipment, food or drink to manage a medical condition. If you have any medication that needs to be kept cool, there is a fridge available in the medical tent. We recommend you take your medication directly to the medical tent when you arrive on site. This can be left there across the weekend at your own risk.


Our box offices are equipped with hearing loop systems on request for those using hearing aids. If you require this facility, please email the Carfest Access Team. We do not currently offer any BSL or audio description services but hope to be able to offer these in the future.



At Carfest South there is 160m distance from accessible campsite to festival entrance on TARMAC. Blue Badge parking day tickets holders are parked 480m away from the entrance. At CarFest South we operate a shuttle bus service from both of these locations to the event site. This bus runs daily from show open until show closed and is operated by Festival stewards. The bus is first come first serve basis and cannot be pre-booked. The bus collects from the following destinations: Accessible day car park - Event Mobility tent Accessible campsite – collects on the road outside entrance to car park Show site – organisers office located in music field *during show down each night the bus cannot run for approx. 20mins to allow the crowds to exit the site.


At CarFest North there is 140m distance from accessible campsite and day visitor car park to festival entrance on grass.


THURSDAY NIGHT (THE BIG EARLY): Ticket holders who have purchased 4 Day Camping Tickets can arrive on Thursday when the campsite entrance opens from 4pm until the campsite entrance closes at 8pm. If you do not have a ticket you cannot enter the site. FRIDAY: Campers can arrive from 7am when the camping car park opens with the campsite opening at 8am for campers to set up camp. Day visitors can arrive from 11am when the day visitor car park opens with the festival site opening at 12pm and closing at 10.30pm. SATURDAY: Day visitors can arrive from 9am when the day visitor car park opens with the festival site opening at 10am and closing at 11pm. SUNDAY: Day visitors can arrive from 9am when the day visitor car park opens with the festival site opening at 10am and closing at 10.30pm. MONDAY: Campers may camp on Sunday evening and are asked to leave the site by 11am on the Monday. *All times are subject to change and will be confirmed with visitors closer to show. We look forward to greeting you to our amazing event! If you have any questions or any specific requirements you think we could help with please let us know as soon as you can.

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