The Dance Hall

Dig out your brightest pair of leg warmers, and take part in morning aerobics or boogie on down on the roller disco! If your dance skills need a little boost, then why not join the swing dance experts Cat’s Got Rhythm in a dance class!

Retro Arcade

Play the best video games ever invented on the old consoles of your youth. If you think you’re a games master, then why not show off in our daily challenge and get on our high score leader board. From Street Fighter to Pong, Mario Kart to Pacman- you will find all your favourites here!

Retro Market

Browse the antiques and take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with our selection of traders. Peruse the rails in the retro fashion fair featuring some iconic looks from the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s.

The Way we moved

From must have bikes, to Space hoppers, Go-karts and pogo sticks… see if you’ve still got the skills to master the vehicles of your childhood!

Hall of Fame

Our Retro Hall of Fame brings together the very best memorabilia for you to admire! Walk through our collection of fabulous music, sports and tv memorabilia from the greatest heroes and artists of the last three decades.

Retro Paddock

Carfest will hark back to the good old days with a paddock full of retro cars and not just the ones your parents drove you to school in.

The big blockbuster movies will be represented, The Dukes of Hazard with the General Lee, Ghostbusters with the Ectomobile, Waynes World, Back to The Future with the DeLorean time machine and the worlds first recreation of the train as well as the biggest franchise, James Bond.

Other movies represented will be perfect for the kids, The Land Rover from Peter Rabbit 2, Mater from Cars, and for those superheroes the Batmobile.

Other stand out cars will be the Mini, and Jaguar which celebrates its 60th anniversary of the E-type.