Ticket Buying Tips

We understand that CarFest tickets are in high demand and that buying them can be stressful so here at CarFest HQ we’ve worked on some handy tips to guide you through the experience.

Handy Tips

8 handy tips that’ll increase your chances of getting tickets

Think ahead

It’s a good idea to have a priority list of tickets that you would like to buy as you might not get your first choice due to high demand.  Discuss all your options in advance to avoid having to make a last minute phone call!  For example, if family camping tickets are sold out but adult/child camping tickets are available, you know that you can buy tickets using your second option. For more information, please click here to see the full range of ticket types and prices.

Buy Tickets Now

CarFest Tickets Team - Assemble!

So that the pressure isn’t just on you, ask friends and family to try and purchase tickets too. Don’t
forget to let your team know when you have the tickets to avoid doubling up - we are unable to
refund tickets if multiple orders are processed.

Prepare for payment

Make sure you have the correct credit card details in front of you and your online password
ready (passwords are sometimes required on the secure payment page). You don’t want to
waste time searching for your card or resetting your password while your tickets are reserved!

Set the alarm

Make sure you have your alarms set and plenty of time to have that all important cuppa before
the clock starts ticking.

Refresh that page!

Tickets sell out very quickly and you want your computer to keep up with the action.  If you stay
on the initial selection page (whilst deciding which tickets you want to buy) for any length of
time you may not be seeing the very latest ticket availability.  Press F5 on a PC, Command and R
button on a Mac, or hit the refresh button in the browser window on your phone.
The best thing to do is to select the tickets you want as quickly as possible.

Buying Your Tickets

Step 1: Ticket Selection

Select which tickets you'd like to purchase, and click 'continue'. 
If you have selected camping tickets, you will then proceed to the 'Camping Extras' tab, where you
can select caravan/campervan permits if you wish.

        Notes on Caravan & Campervan Permits 
        As permits are very popular, we recommend discussing in advance whether you still wish to
        purchase camping tickets if permits are all sold out, or whether you would rather have day
        visitor tickets.

        Please Note - Permits must be purchased with your weekend camping tickets, and can’t be
        bought separately. 

If you are purchasing free under 6 tickets, you'll proceed to the 'Charity' tab, where you can choose
to donate to UK Children's Charities for this ticket.

         Notes on Under 6’s 
         Under 6’s (aged 0 to 5 years) are free of charge, however they MUST have a ticket so don’t
         forget to pop them in your basket!

One more 'continue' to click, and you're through to payment!

Step 2: Payment

The tickets are now reserved for you for 6 minutes and 50 seconds.  If your internet disconnects,
you forget your password, or have insufficient funds to complete the purchase, the tickets will go
back on general sale and will no longer be reserved for you.

Ticket Messaging

Site Busy

If the site is busy keep refreshing the page (press the F5 button on a PC, or the command
and R button on a Mac, for all phones and tablets hit the refresh button in the browser window)
until you get to the ticket selection page.

Ticket Unavailable

This means a ticket type is sold out at that time. However, ticket buyers have 6
minutes and 50 seconds to complete their transaction. If the transaction is not completed, the
tickets they had selected will go back on general sale.  This means some tickets can appear as
‘unavailable’ and then reappear as ‘available’ at a later stage.

Tickets for CarFest are in high demand and the number of uncompleted transactions is relatively
small, therefore we advise you to purchase what you can, rather than wait as you could lose out

Insufficient Stock

This message will show when tickets have sold out in the time it has taken you to
select your tickets. (yes, some do really sell out that quickly!)

Sold Out

This ticket is now sold out and unavailable to purchase!

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