The Best of CarFest at Carfest North & South

Our tenth anniversary would not be complete without an exciting collection of our all-time favourites from the last decade of CarFest – We have assembled some of your car ‘Hottest Hits’ including Hotrods, Supercars, Movie Cars, Race Cars & Crazy Cars… these are the best of the best, the cars you shouted for the loudest, took the most photos of and wanted to ride in more than anything else, all back for one huge reunion at CarFest North and CarFest South!


Sporting Bears are back and this year they are giving you the opportunity to ride in the most exclusive cars you can imagine!
Don’t miss out - Be sure to book yourself a ride on track or maybe take a blast around the beautiful roads surrounding each festival site.
Every Dream Ride with the Bears raises money for our Children’s Charities, helping raise over £628k in the past 9 years!

150MPH Club at CarFest North

It sounds exciting and dangerous and that’s because it is! Not many cars produced, left the factory being capable of achieving 150mph, but when they do, in every instance they are special for one reason or another. We will celebrate the great road and race cars that were built to do 150mph plus! Often loud, often beautiful and always exciting, the first ever production car to break 150mph was the iconic Mercedes 300SL ‘Gullwing’ in 1958. In the present day, a Volkswagen Golf GTI is capable of achieving this speed, but back in the day when Malcolm Campbell’s Sunbeam became the first ever car to officially break 150mph in July 1925, it was the official land speed record! We will have a range of cars to celebrate this great milestone of speed!

The Big 135… Celebrating that major anniversary…

It’s 135 years since the motor car was invented and we’ll be bringing along some of the landmark cars that have been marked major turning points over the year. From the single-cylinder, three-wheeled 1886 Benz Motorwagen, created by Carl Benz all the way through the decades very latest contemporary supercars, 135 years of motoring is celebrated in style at CarFest.

Grand Tourers Through the Ages at CarFest North

GT Cars! Who would have thought that two letters could make a car sound so fast and expensive. Grand Tourers, Grand Touring or Gran Tourismo it doesn’t matter the precise wording or even the language, most people know it’s something special. And, from the world first grand touring cars from the likes of Rolls Royce, Napier and Daimler at the turn of the last century to the latest road and race cars GT cars from Aston Martin, Ferrari and Bentley, have always been something special. We will have an array of GT cars from the 1920s to the current day that epitomise grand touring and the excitement they give us all!

Grand Prix Through the Ages at CarFest South

Building on our incredibly popular Grand Prix paddock of 2019, we will have a fantastic display and demonstration of the world’s most famous grand prix cars from the turn of the last century to the current day. These iconic cars and their gladiatorial drivers have etched out an immortal place in motorsport history and the Kwikfit-Michelin Track at CarFest South allows us all the rare privilege of getting up close and personal to some of the most important and historied Grand Prix cars of all time. An opportunity to see and hear these incredible machines in action at close quarters.

Coachbuilt Cars Through the Ages at CarFest South

A breath-taking display of some of the grandest and most beautiful cars ever built by some of the world most famous coachbuilding houses. During the last century, and especially in the early part of the century, ordering cars, especially expensive cars was an entirely different affair as it is today. You’d order your rolling chassis from the manufacturer and then send it to your favourite coachbuilder to fit it with a beautiful and elegant body. The result, was some of the most beautiful and impressive cars ever built. Think Rolls Royce, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti… some of the automotive world’s most beautiful cars were not designed by those marques but by the coachbuilders who fitted their bodywork. We will have an incredible display of the grand cars to celebrate this unique time in car evolution.