Music Stage

    Music Stage

    From rock, soul, pop, indy, new romantic and more, from across the airways of the past and from our dusty record collections the music stage will play host to headline acts each night along with an entire evening packed full of great entertainment. Join our house band with special musical guests from the past, supported by a line-up of the best tribute bands to take you back to the good old days!

    Hall of Fame

    Our Retro Hall of Fame brings together the very best celebrity memorabilia for you to admire! Walk through our collection of fabulous music memorabilia from the greatest bands and artists of the last three decades. Our celebrity family will share very personal mementos and that have impacted them on their journey to the top.

    Hall of Fame

    All Time Greats

    All Time Greats

    Reminisce in our giant-sized sitting room on old school sofas while countdown our Retro Top Tens!

    From the best TV ads, to Children’s TV, classic movie moments, your fave pop videos and the most memorable sporting moments… we’ll be taking your votes in the build up and counting down at show!

    The gameshow arms

    Who didn’t make a diary date for a daily dose of Blockbusters, try and remember everything on the great conveyor belt in
    The Generation Game and who didn’t secretly want their own Blankety Blank cheque book and pen! Here’s your chance
    to test your game show skills as we bring the very best game shows we played live in our front rooms back to life! Pop in
    to the Gameshow Arms and give it a go!

    The Gameshow Arms

    The Retro Motor Show

    The retro motor show

    We’ll be celebrating the golden era of motorsport from the 70’s,80’s & 90’s out on the fabulous track at Bicester Heritage, with parades and demos that pay tribute to motoring heroes and their cars.

    Plus a chance to get up close to some of those fabulous cars that were stars in their own right… Knight Rider, Starsky & Hutch and the Dukes of Hazzard made great TV that we all watched and loved and the stars of these shows and so many films were the cars themselves. Come and check out our displays that pay tribute to the cars the were the stars!

    Do you remember your family’s first car? Morris Minors, Ford Capri’s, Datsun Cherry’s and so many more… join us on an emotional journey as we Reunite Cars with their original owners

    The Way We Moved

    From 2mph to 200mph, join us for a wonderful spectacle of the ridiculous to the sublime, from space hoppers, Raleigh Grifters and Choppers to Ferrari F40’s and more!

    The past four decades have seen the most varied forms of travel, from bikes, to skateboards, the C5,go-karts and more… see if you’ve still got the skills to master the vehicles of your childhood!

    The Way we moved


    Fashionistas One and All!

    Fashion trends have clearly defined every decade… from Twiggy and the mini skirt, via bellbottoms, shoulder pads and the new romantic phase… we celebrate our great and questionable fashion choices in our fashion arena!

    Honouring the coolest trends and the craziest outfits of each decade our festivals crowds will be judged by our scouts looking out for the best dressed in the finals featured on our Peoples Catwalk each day. Wear something from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s or visit Mr Ben’s “special costume shop”.

    Plus of course, shop to your heart’s content at our huge array of Retro fashion outlets.

    My collections

    Let’s get reunited with the toys we cherished, eventually swapped throughout our youth and regret parting with.

    Why not pop back up into the loft or the garage and have a good old rummage around for those lost treasures and bring them to Retro CarFest, where you can show them off or even see if you can swap of sell them to the highest bidder!

    My Collections

    What was on your wall ?

    What was on your wall?

    From pop legends to TV stars and iconic movies… what decked the walls of your bedroom? Check out our collections of wall art through the ages… and maybe even take some home to start all over again!

    Tasteful treats

    Those childhood memories were shaped by the food and drink we ate, from those scarily luminous drinks, delicious sweets to the infamous cheese hedgehogs that were a must at any dinner party revived prawn cocktail! Let us take you back to some of the most unforgettable taste sensations!

    Why not join us for a reminder of those memorable School Dinners? Book a school dinner meal experience with a difference, we ask the country’s leading chefs to create a Retro school dinners menu with a difference, make sure you finish your dinner before you start on your pudding.

    Top of the Pop Ups: Those wonderful nostalgic dishes of the past supercharged, created by some of the best pop-up caterers from across the land.

    Tasteful Treats

    Magic moments

    From the first moon landing, the last time England won the World Cup, THAT Royal Wedding, the fall of the Berlin Wall and of course Live Aid… we’ve been privileged to see some truly iconic moments that will shape the future of history… Do you remember where you were when? Is a celebration of some of the most iconic moments in history that we all remember…

    Magic Moments

    Vintage World

    Vintage World 

    Step back even further in time and visit Vintage World. Set in the heart of Bicester Heritage, we take you back to post-war Britain… 
    Walk through the beautiful Heritage site, admire the stunning collections of classic cars and get lost in another part of our history. 

    We’ve created three great festival weekends for 2021 and we’d love for you to join us and help us raise much needed funds for our charity partners. We’ll be celebrating our 10th birthday in style at all three weekends with the best music, fastest cars and the brightest stars!

    Tickets are on sale now